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What Moire Stands For

What Moire Stands For

Tailor-Made Products

We pride ourselves as one of the few interior and furnishing suppliers who specialize in superior custom products. From rug to wall-to-wall carpet, get convenience with us.

Personalized Service

Striving to enhance your life or work quality, enjoy dedicated personal service from our knowledgeable staff at your absolute ease.

High-End Local Handmade

CProviding only the finest quality and materials, gain access to local handmade production of high-end rugs and carpets with Moire.
Interior styling and furnishing define the overall atmosphere of your property. With our excellent choices of materials, install investment-worthy pieces that add values to your living space – one piece at a time.
Explore handmade luxury products that are extraordinarily unique and distinct in their own ways. While locally sourced, all Moire products speak of quality and aesthetic flair that is second to none.
We believe in the importance of personalized pieces that is a result of your own taste. Working together with interior designers, we offer tasteful insight that complements the final results of your home,

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Moire - A Layer of Luxury
Discover Bespoke, Modern & Contemporary Rugs
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