At Moire, we work with a variety of excellent materials best suited for floor furnishing purposes. Find a variety of rugs and carpets here.

Wool : Style & Warmth

Naturally resilient and well-textured, wool is an excellent choice for rugs and carpets with an everlasting and fresh, even after a prolonged use.

At Moire, our wool material is available in wide selection of styles, patterns and designs. Some of the best features include :

100% natural product & naturally coated.

Stain resistant, better than even the best synthetic fibers.

Free of chemicals, perfect for personal space and kids room.

Highly absorbent.

Exceptionally long lasting.

Minimum maintenance & easy to clean.

Viscose : Soft & Smooth

A great alternative for silk, viscose carpet tend to be thick, luxurious and comforting. As rugs and carpets, viscose do not suffer from static buildup and are very good insulators.

Our excellent viscose materials are :

High affordability

Consistent appearance, color and texture

Range from classic to contemporary designs

Suitable on all surfaces

Perfect to add warmth

Bamboo : Flexible & Diverse

With its unique and attractive patterns, bamboo is easy on the eyes and has been proven to be durable, attractive and long lasting.

Find some of the best features of bamboo rugs at Moire :

100% natural & handmade product

Water resistant

Environmentally friendly

Rich range of designs

Minimalist, simple yet elegant

Safe to use, no static factor. Perfect for kids or family room.

Adds visual warmth

Silk : Investment-Worthy & Classic

Contrary to popular belief, silk is a durable for flooring use and comes with a range of advantages.

At Moire, find high quality silk rugs and carpets with below benefits :

Natural fibers


Light and smooth texture

Great decorative element

Minimum maintenance & easy to clean.

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